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Remember when doctors used to make house calls? Remember the days of general practitioners when your entire family could go to one doctor for all of their needs from inoculations to minor surgery? Remember how you could tell your doctor about your problems and how he really took the time to listen to you? (My patients tell me I’m a good listener.)

Nowadays, in our fast paced, high tech society, there are few doctors like that around, especially in New York City. So let me introduce myself to you as one doctor who still cares and provides the services you remember growing up with.

Born in Montreal, Canada, I was raised and educated in Toronto, Canada where I practiced for about 20 years. Then I met and married an incredibly wonderful woman in New York and moved to this city to be with her and our daughter.

My name is Martin Tesher, and I am a good old fashioned family doctor in NYC who will see you at your home when necessary and will speak to you when you call my office 24 hours a day if needed.

Although I am old fashioned in service, I deliver up to date modern medicine using state of the art technology when and where applicable.

As a family physician, my interest is in caring for you and your family, and my goal is to keep you healthy and happy for a long time with good medical care, nutritional advice, and preventive medicine.

Since many people in New York no longer know all the many areas of medicine included in a family doctors practice, my practice includes: general internal medicine and pediatrics, pain management - both acute and chronic pain (i.e. headache, back pain, sciatica etc.), weight management, (including eating disorders and obesity), asthma, allergic problems, cardiology (such as monitoring your cholesterol, blood pressure, diet and exercise to improve and maintain the health of your heart), gastroenterology (such as abdominal pain, GERD, diarrhea and constipation), NYC acne treatment and dermatology including skin biopsies when necessary, office orthopedics (such as strains and sprains and arthritis), gynecology (I don’t deliver babies any longer), birth control and family planning including vasectomies and general preventive medicine to keep you productive and able to enjoy a long and healthy life. I will not only make you feel healthier but can help you look better with the use of botox and/or my light machine which painlessly can clear acne, remove age spots, remove unwanted hair (permanently), and rejuvenates your skin.

I can diagnose your problem and when necessary, will use the best consultants regardless of their hospital affiliation.

During my years in practice, I have learned a lot and probably most importantly, have learned to know what I don’t know. The consultants are at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, New York University Hospital, Hospital for Special Surgery and New York Hospital.

I have been a preceptor for medical students at Albany Medical School and for nurse practitioner students at Hunter College. I have been named in New York magazine’s "Best Doctors" and "How to find the best doctor in New York".

However, family doctors are not just for families. Single people often neglect their health, they rarely establish a long-term relationship with a doctor. When an emergency strikes, they find themselves in trouble not having a doctor to call and speak to. My experience shows that single people have pretty much the same medical problems as do people in families. So, if you are single, I can help you too.

I would now like the opportunity to meet you and become your family doctor.

I appreciate that your time is valuable and so I will see you promptly at your scheduled time. My regular office appointments (not a full physical check-up) are 30 minutes or longer if needed.

When you call my office to speak with me, you will be able to reach me in person. After office hours, I am still available for patients through the office phone.

Thank you for reading my letter. If you have been looking for a caring family doctor, a NYC acne doctor, or have any medical problems, please call and speak to Lana at (212) 639-1800, and she will be happy to set up an appointment, and give you additional information or any other assistance we can offer. Or, if you prefer, you could set up an appointment for a complimentary introductory meeting with me.

Remember, the best time to choose a family doctor is now when you are healthy.

I look forward to meeting you.


Martin S. Tesher, M.D.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

9 East 68th St., Suite 1C
New York, NY 10065
(212) 639-1800
(212) 639-9506 Fax


Personalized comprehensive care.
Same day appointments.
On-time appointments -prompt attention in office.
House calls, when emergency care is needed.
All office visits booked for 30 minutes or more.
All complete physical examinations booked for two hours.
Doctor available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
I have a referral panel of high caliber specialists at four hospitals.
A doctor who really listens, coordinates your total care, and has a practice with heart and humor.

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