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At Martin S. Tesher, M. D., we don’t believe in limitations when it comes to medical treatment. Therefore, we provide healthcare in all areas so you’re not limited in what we treat. From sprained ankles to Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Martin Tesher is qualified to treat it all. In addition, family medicine is for everyone, not just people of specific ages.

We offer comprehensive primary care, and everything else from minor surgery to acute illness care. So whether you’ve got a cold or a rare disease, Martin S. Tesher, M. D. can help. Our scheduling services typically allow you to make an appointment very quickly, usually on the same day.
The following is a list of some of the extensive fields in which Dr. Tesher has experience and some of the services he offers:

Acne Treatment ( I CLEAR ACNE
Adolescent Medicine
Adult Medicine, hypertension, cholesterol control, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis etc.
Age Spots (Eliminated Painlessly)
Allergy & Asthma
Botox For Aesthetics (Headache) and Pain
Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Control
Complete Physical Examinations (Including Chest x-ray, EKG and Blood Work)
Diabetes Control
Diet Education
Flu & Colds
Gastrointestinal Problems
Hair Removal (Painless and Permanent)
Migraine & Muscle Pain
Office Dermatology
Office Orthopedics
Pain Management
Personalized Comprehensive Care
Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Skin Biopsies
Skin Rejuvenation (Painless)
Tiny Blood Vessel (Capillary) Removal (Painless)
Treating A Majority Of Ailments & Illnesses
Weight Management

We Specialize In:

General Practice (Family Medicine)
Pain Management

Chronic Pain
Nerve Problems (Neuralgia)
Pain: Ankle/Foot
Pain: Arm
Pain: Back
Pain: Bones
Pain: Hip
Pain: Joints
Pain: Knees
Pain: Shoulders

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